Seline Argent

"I am not afraid."

Seline Argent is a cleric of the Undertaker, god of death, and the girlfriend of Talia Grey. Prone to mischief and never short on attitude, Seline has set out with her beloved to discover more about her past and understand just what it is about her that attracts so much damn trouble.

Seline is played by Megzie Sass-Council.

Talia Grey

"Oh, I shoot him."

Talia Grey is an experienced bounty hunter, mercenary, wilderness survivalist --- oh, and a werewolf. Joined by her girlfriend, Seline Argent, Talia has dedicated her life to discovering the identities of the people who slaughtered her entire village when she was a child. Her hunt for vengeance and answers will draw her closer to danger and test the limits of her relationship with Seline.

Talia Grey is played by Cris Sass-Council.

Raven Crankshaft

An inventor in the town of Crankshaft with too much ambition and not enough common sense.


Zachariah's venomous ex-girlfriend and all-around femme fatale.

The Broker

A mysterious figure toying with the fates of our heroes.

Nikki Tolnor

A half-elf engineer with a can-do attitude and a very cool robot assistant, R5.

Zachariah Heyfield

Seline's train robbing outlaw of an ex-boyfriend. Yeah, there's a lot to unpack there.

Ernest Felson

A tiefling wizard, small business owner, and part-time instructor of magic.